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Old Wood
Old Wood

The main activity consists of recovery, reuse and sale of wood from the demolition of old houses, stables, grain stores, hay barns, sheds…, application of appropriate treatment and international sale as beams, floors, sunburnt planks, beam elements, interior or garden furniture, tables… etc.

We carefully select the wood, we choose only the healthy pieces, we carefully extract them from the old structures of tens and hundreds of years old, we transport it into our workshop where it is subject to complex processes of restoration by removing dust and debris, removal of metal components (nails , staples… etc.), scanning it with metal detectors, sand or salt blasting…

Traces of use, age, weather and the hundreds of years that have passed over the building that once served people of that time will remain visible, giving the wood a particular elegance, a rustic, antique, unique and very original aspect.

This is our story, profession and passion, that we practice with pleasure and we manage to be the best in Romania.

 from here comes the ancient wood
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